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DONATE TO DAMOU - we need your support now more than ever.


Despite political unrest, extreme poverty, and gang violence we are committed to serving the people of Haiti.


Damou Christian Mission has been in Haiti for over 35 years; Loubens and Jessica have resided in Haiti for more than 13 years; this is their home. 

Would you consider donating to the Damou Mission in Haiti? Under the current political situation, our ongoing needs at the school, clinic, and mission house are compounded by rising costs of fuel and other materials. We ask that you would pray


  • New Truck for the Mission: $18,000

  • Graduation for Highschool Students: $5,000

  • Student Sponsorships: $30 per month

  • Meals for Children: $30 per month

  • Living Expenses for Missionaries: $14,100

This video is all that happened in 2021 at Damou Christian Mission. We are active and serving daily! By partnering through contributions and prayer you will be continuing God's work in Haiti.

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