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We welcome several groups every year to come alongside and partner with us in serving the people of Haiti.  Your group will be blessed as you spend a week or two in beautiful Haiti and complete a project that will have a lasting impact on people's lives and our mission. Not only will your group have an impact on Haiti, but each member will be challenged to grow in their faith and their vision of what God is doing in a country outside their own.

If you are interested in organizing a trip, please contact us using the Contact page above.

Currently projects needing a group to come a fulfill them:

  • Painting cafeteria at the school

  • Wiring the school's electric

  • Ceiling fans and lights added to each class room

  • Christmas Bash Party (held each year end of December)

  • Community outreach

  • Roof at church

  • Roof at school

  • Wall at the school (adding block and barbed wire)

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