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Loubens & Jessica Eugene


Can you imagine living in a country where 80% of the population are not Christians and practice voodoo? Imagine believing that you can turn yourself into a cow, goat, or a werewolf to hurt people, or to do business through the devil. Many of the people in Haiti who are not Christians believe that. They have little or no knowledge of Jesus, who died to give us all eternal life and set us free. Even though all these obstacles we face as missionaries we as a family feel we have been called to live and serve in this beautiful country with wonderful and loving people.

We are sharing the gospel with the youth in our community and teaching them that even through their circumstances, they are able to fight through anything as long as they keep God in their heart. 1 Timothy 4:12 is the theme for our youth group. We are leading the school of over 800 students to learn about our Lord and Savior on a daily basis. We also teach the women how they need to be treated Biblically by men and how to live according to the bible.

Loubens and Jessica Eugene and their two boys, Phillipe and LJ, and one girl, Dinah have been living in Haiti for the last 13 years with God leading every decision. Life in Haiti is not always easy, but with Our Lord in control we know we will always be doing his will. Continue to pray for God to provide the provisions needed and the strength to continue his work. 

Advisory Board

President - Mason McQuinn
Forwarding Agent - Rachel Eugene
Active Board Member - Kelli Hoeflinger
Active Board Member - Kim Dunn
Active Board Member - Matt Wallace
Active Board Member - Mike House

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