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Our Programs

Infant Feeding Program

At our medical clinic, we support mothers who walk for hours to participate in Damou’s infant nutrition program. We provide comprehensive care through nutrition, medical support, and education. Every Tuesday, mothers bring their infants to enroll in the program, where they receive evaluations and essential supplies like milk. Our dedicated team, including former students of our school, offers not only medical care but also treats each family with dignity and respect. Monthly seminars cover topics on hygiene, Biblical principles, and proper nutrition. Participation requires mothers to sign a contract committing to the program's requirements and attending the seminars.

Damou Christian School

Damou Christian School offers a Christ-centered education in a nation where voodoo practices are common. We ensure each child receives a nutritious meal daily, helping them focus on their studies and spiritual growth. The school serves over 800 students from Pre-Kindergarten to high school, employing 60 teachers and administrators. Established in 1988, our school has a proud history of graduates who have become doctors, engineers, nurses, and lawyers, making a significant impact in their communities.

Damou Christian Church

Our church, with a congregation of 250, includes missionaries and children from various local missions such as Hands & Feet and Joy & Hope. Since 1989, Damou Christian Church has been a cornerstone of the Cyvadier community, offering spiritual outreach, mentorship, and discipleship. We invite you to pray for our continued growth and to support our efforts in fostering spiritual development within our community.

Professional School

Our newest ministry, the Professional School, addresses Haiti’s employment crisis by equipping adults with valuable trade skills. Students can earn certifications in trades such as construction, plumbing, mechanics, electrical work, windows installation, refrigeration, and culinary arts. This program aims to prepare adults for successful careers, contributing to the economic stability and growth of our community.

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