Damou Christian School


The school gives children the Christ-entered education they deserve in a country that practices voodoo openly. We provide them a full stomach of food each day so they can be focused on and be filled with the knowledge of Our Lord and Savior. Damou currently has Pre-Kindergarden classes through 8th grade. There are over 500 children attending our school. We employee 60 teachers and directors. This school is at the heart of Cyvadier, Haiti and was established in 1988. We are proud that we have had children graduate and go on to become doctors, engineers, nurses, and lawyers.

Damou Christian Church


Our Church is led by Pastor David Compre. The church has a congregation of 250 people. We have a lot of missionaries and children from other area missions attend our church. (Hands & Feet, Joy & Hope, etc.) Our church has been a huge part of the community since 1989. Please pray that the church continues to grow spiritually and gives the spiritual outreach needed for our community.

Vocational School & Medical Clinic

More information coming soon! 

Infant Feeding Program


Women desperately seeking to meet their child's needs may walk for hours to participate in Damou’s infant nutrition program. We reaches out to moms and infants through nutrition, medical support, and education. Each Tuesday mothers can bring their infants to enroll in the infant nutrition program. The infants are weighed in and evaluated.  Milk and other support are offered to the mothers and infants as needed. Dr. Wilbert Jean Louis, a graduate from our school, provides medical care to the mothers and infants. He treats them not only with medical expertise, but with dignity. Monthly seminars are offered on cleanliness, Biblical living, and proper nutrition for both mother and child. In order to participate in the program, mothers sign a contract to fulfill the requirements of the program and to attend the seminars.

JAA Youth Group


Damou has a youth group called JAA (Jen An Aktion which translates “Youth in Action”). Every other Saturday the teens visit and pass food to the needy elderly in our community. They are being taught to give back to the generation that paved the road for them. They participate in Bible studies the other Saturdays in between. There are over 20 members with ages between 14 and 22.